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Message from Academic Adviser


This is the time for admission of 17th batch of new students in Enam Medical College. The students and guardians will seek for the best private medical college for admission. As a top listed private institute, Enam Medical College will be the automatic and natural choice in their selection.

The admission test is already over. Meritorious students are always preferred in both government and private medical colleges. A hard competition is expected for admission into Enam Medical College for the session 2019-20.

In the field of private medical colleges in Bangladesh, Enam Medical College is in the unique position. It has superb infrastructure with well-designed befitting departments, adequate practical, tutorial class rooms and necessary museums. The academic faculty is also highly enriched.

There are three air-conditioned lecture galleries with state of the art design and modern audiovisual system. There are also six air-conditioned lecture halls. The attached one thousand-bedded modern tertiary care multdisciplinary hospital is an attraction and asset of this college. We have a very spectacular gorgeous auditorium in the campus to encourage the cultural activities for the students and teachers.

The latest addition in the progressive journey of our college is the establisment of a modern spacious and well-designed Cancer Centre with latest model instruments and facilities. These include Linear Accelerator Machine (LINAC), Brachytherapy, Bigbore CT Simulator and many others.

Now Enam Medical College is not only renowned but also in the high grade position in the list of private sector of the country.

Before conclusion I like to welcome the students who desire to get admission into Enam Medical College for the 2019-20 session.

Prof. Abdul Mannan Sikder
Professor of Pathology and Academic Adviser
Enam Medical College