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Phone: +88-02-7743779, 7743780,7743781, 7743782
Mobile: +88-01716358146

The cardiac unit has been renovated and updated.
Non invasive facilities include
24 hrs holter ECG
Colour doppler
Trans eosophageal Echo
Neonatal Echo and colour doppler
Pediatric Echo and colour doppler.
The intervention cardiology has also started functioning.The facilities includes
1)     Coronary angiogram and angioplasty
2)     Perpheral angiogram and angioplasty
3)     Cerebral angiogram and angioplasty
4)     Right and left heart cath.
5)     Cardiac cathterisation
6)     Pulmonary Valvoplasty
7)     Mitral valvoplasty
8)     Aortic Valvoplasty
9)     Pacemaker Installation Permanent & Temporary
10) Biventricular pacemaker installation
11) Automatic cardioverter defibrilator
12) Device Closure of shunt anomalry (ASD, USD and PDA)


Cardiac Surgery

The cardiac surgery Department is equipped with cath Lab.
Facilities include
Cardiac OT
Valve replacement
Congenital heart defects
These are already in practice
However within short time the open heart surgery (Off beat and beating heart system)
Awake total arterial beating heart by pass surgery will be stared soon.